Identity & Branding

Bluemantle has created corporate identities for many businesses and organisations. Your identity or brand is a reflection of your organisations personality, its values and is key in today's competitive and visually sophisticated society.


An identity is more than just a 'logo' on a letterhead. As a designer we need to consider how the logo sits within different forms of media where there are different restrictions that could effect how the identity is reproduced. Consistency is everything in identity and branding, not just in the logo itself but how it is used with imagery and text. From a printed brochure to your website, advertising or signage, a consistent visual presentation is vital in building your identity or brand.


The best identities are simple, uncluttered and striking in their graphical representation of your business or organisation. Below are examples of corporate identities Bluemantle has created.


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Lifesafe logo image
Yorkshire and the Humber Quality Observatory logo image
Image of Jupiter Subsea Systems logo
Image of Blenkin & Co identity
Image of MooD International logo
Image of SPRU logo
Image of Alliance Valuers identity